Back in The Saddle

I am trying my best to get Back in the Saddle
Not sure how it working but....I have good news. Two new designs are being released for classes this year.
I will be teaching my first CRAWphabet class at Wild Beads this Saturday, July 16th:  one class from 10:30 and another at 2:00.  Class cost is $50 and included beads but not the finding (or other beading supplies.) You will learn how to take RAW and create CRAW embellishments  on it using Toho's Takumi large hole seed beads.
"Indie Earrings" will be introduced at the Shreveport Bead Retreat July 29th- 31st.  Contact Ida to register.
Blessing to you all and keep me in your thoughts as I "saddle up," Ralonda

Laying Low

I haven't had the heart to blog in sometime, mostly because I believe in speaking positive affirmations and not magnifying a problem. There is a part of me that has not blogged because of derogatory comments made about sharing your story through blogging. I now realize that it is that very thing that needs to happen. That is, we need to share our stories. They encourage, uplift, and help us identify with one another on a level that is supernatural. I don't know about you but I am all about connections on a supernatural level. So much of this world has left us wanting, with a hole- Plumb calls it a "God-Shaped Hole". I have to agree.

There are many problems in going on in my life at the moment and just to briefly share- My life as I knew it for many years has been torn apart. I am separated and missing one of my boys, my baby boy. I am facing a nasty divorce and the disconnections of my baby boy. Please, if you read anything into this read that HE is bigger and He is…

Two Designs released...

New Releases?! Today I finally made time to release two special designs on my Etsy shop. The first of which was my very first National Class taught at Bead Fest Texas in October back in 2011. It was Bead Fest's second year in Arlington, Texas and my very first time teaching for them.  The very first year I volunteered to help Bead Fest as a Dallas Bead Society member. It was then that I wore my design and was asked to submit it as a class proposal. It is a special design and brings back a lot of happy times.  I will be teaching at Bead Fest this year in March. I am offering a beginner's peyote class and a two day workshop. The workshop is "Beaded Art Dolls" and the peyote class is "Peyote Pearl Princess".
I love the romantic feel of these earrings. The old street lights of a time forgotten can be remembered every time you wear these. You can almost hear the clip-clop of horse hooves as the carriages roll down the streets. Maybe it's a stretch of the im…

New Year, New Life

The new year is bringing me a new life. A friend of mine has chosen for several years to forgo the tradition of resolutions and instead adopt a tradition of a word that has significance for the year.  Being reminded of that, I am with her!
My word of the year:"Revelation" Groan, if you must.
Some things revealed to me: Use a filter when taking in what other say about you- it's not all true- it is merely their perception. You could also set the value of their truth to the value of their relationship to you. Revelation leads us to wisdom and making better choices. It sets us on the path of our callingThe best one of all came to me just this morning-I am divinely appointed to make things and to create. Just as Bezalel was called to create with his giftings, so am I. To create with a "heavenly pattern" brings him Glory. Find your inspiration, and glue your self to IT. MY inspiration is my faith in God and His son Jesus. Every thing I create comes from being centere…

Trying to keep up...

Keeping up has proved to be a very difficult task. One that will continue to be more and more difficult. If there are any of you faithful readers still left...

Go to The Bead Maven's Blog : You will find me there for a guest post.



Summer has been busier for me than normal. I taught two 6 week courses to beginning beaders who had never stitched before. One was for a home-school group of ladies and some of their daughters also.  The other was for adults at my local public library.
I had an incredible group of ladies in both classes and they all did an amazing job with the fast pace of the projects offered. We covered:Flat even count peyote with the "Basic Peyote Bangle".
Tubular even count peyote with the "Peyote Pearl Princess Bracelet"
Brick stitch with the "Diamond Bracelet"
Modified brick stitch with an embellished edge and using two stitches in one project with "Key to Beading"

2 X 2 Right angle weave with "Two by Two Bracelet"
2 X 2 X 2 Right angle weave with "Double Wide"
To top off summer I went on a trip to Shreveport with my PIC ( partner in crime) for our fifth year of attendance at the Shreveport Bead Retreat.
When I came home, it was time to pick up our…

Contemporary Geometric Beadwork

If you haven't ordered your copy of  Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Volume I by Kate McKinnon,  then you are missing out.  
This book will open your eyes and  encourage you to approach beadwork in such a refreshing and creative way.
You will want to play with every new concept!
You will learn new thread paths that will revolutionize your designs and their structure!
From the spiral design of the book to the amazing photographs and literary contents... this book is my favorite beading "text book" ever!
AND there will be a Volume II, which you can pre-order and have online access to the projects as they are developed! How the heck that really happens is beyond me but it is FREAKIN' AWESOME!
Keep beading alive and encourage your community to get involved! Teach at your local library or even the high school. Do your part to encourage people to create and, if at all possible, with beads!